January 26, 2016

Small Cell Deployments

Situational Analysis: This Use Case is for MNOs looking to increase coverage and capacity via Small Cell deployments. A related Use Case is entities, such as Enterprises, Campuses and Stadiums, looking to provide Small Cell equal access to multiple MNOs. These entities typically do not have in-house engineering expertise. In both cases, a minimal CAPEX and low OPEX solution that is both flexible and scalable is required.


  • MNOs looking to increase coverage and capacity through small cell deployments.
  • Enterprise or small cell provider looking for core solution to provide equal access to multiple MNOs.
  • Require a cost effective and scalable solution.
  • Enterprise/small cell provider require a managed service as the core is typically outside their core business.
  • Require secure in-building/on-campus wireless data

CCN Solution:

  • CCN’s small cell solution provides an on-site flexible packet core so no need for expensive backhaul for data traffic.
  • The solution is fully managed freeing up the MNO and/or Enterprise to focus on optimized eNodeB coverage.
  • It is highly scalable to address the small enterprise all the way up to entire universities. 
  • Basically Wi-Fi “replacement” by enabling secure data over LTE with seamless integration to the macro LTE network.

Bottom Line:

  • CCN’s solution employs real-time service orchestration enabling capacity “on demand”. This alleviates the headache of core capacity planning.
  • CCN’s solution is fully standard compliant and incorporates an added layer of data security.
  • Finally, CCN’s small cell solution is feature rich with value added services such as Content (think college online classes or music streaming at a cafe), IT Integration and VoLTE/VoWiFi.